Children's Artwork

Over the years we have collected artwork from children about their experience with us. We have made this page for your enjoyment.

If you find any of your own work below, and you wish for it to be deleted or named (some have no Author's name written) please don't hesitate to contact us and we will fix the situation.

We hope you enjoy the effort gone into each of the drawings and words of the children as much as we have. We would like to thank all those children who have put their time and effort into their drawings and are looking forward to receiveing more in the future.

Please send us any artwork to the address located on the 'Contact Us' Page


 Unknown Artist


Unknown Artist


Unknown Artist


Back reads:

From the Smiths from Manumbar



In form of a card



Back of page below: 

Writing reads:

Samson + Barney                                                                            Annabelle Winkler 1998

Note on back (written by Parent):

This is Allan in the small cart with Frosty-(it looks like he's having a good day!) Notice Frosty's leg that's bent-that is a horse shoe because you can see it when his leg is bent (so I'm told by the artist).

By Peter Fooks

Note on back (written by parent):

This is Peter's picture of Frosty with Chicken pox (the spots on him) and he's crying (a tear from the eye). Allan isn't there, he's in the horse barn getting some special horse medicine for Frosty. (I just had to the write the explanation-it kills me!)

By Peter Fooks


Both pictures by Zoe